International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss

The Review of Smart Clothing Design Research based on the Concept of 3F+1I
QIU Chunyan, HU Yue

Under the impulsion of the power of science and technology, the whole countenance of society has been changing. People’s lifestyle has altered profoundly. As “a sort of second skin”of garment, the content of science and technology grow with each passing day so that the extension of clothing continues to expand. The traditional theory of fashion design is increasingly stretched when faces the impact of emerging technologies. In the face of the sharply rising proportion of science and technology, a comprehensive, in-depth and systematic research of smart clothing which is a growing field about intersection between fashion and science and technology, such as electronic information, should be done urgently. With that, the study will start from the perspective of garment for intelligent and review the combination of art and technology in fashion design. Based on the traditional theory of the fashion design, the study is to comb, analyze and redefine the concept, range and characteristics of the new field about intelligent clothing. Then, it is to summarize the general design pattern of smart clothing and establish relatively independent theoretical system of intelligent garment design. What’s more, it mainly discusses the aesthetic expression of art and technology, and combines information technology, fabrics and accessories, structure modeling, process of production with aesthetics, art, design, psychology and the theories of other related disciplines. Meanwhile, it goes through further research of intelligent clothing on art aesthetic, scientific aesthetic and technical aesthetic. With the help of the aesthetic creation of science and technology, the study tries to make up for the deficiencies in academic basis for fashion design, and puts forward the design idea of 3F+1I,that is the design principle regarding fashion as the core, function as the key, comfort as the requirement, interactivity as identity. Thus, it provides standard and evaluation of smart clothing and puts forward the existing problems in the development of smart clothing. In brief, the aim of this study is to provide design methods, scientific basis and theoretical basis for research and development of intelligent clothing.

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