International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss

Women Entrepreneurs Breaking through: Push and Pull within UAE Cultural Context
Dr. Samia A. Kargwell

Purpose- The purpose of this paper is to examine the key factors of success and difficulties that Emirati businesswomen face in the private sector within UAE cultural context. Design/Methodology/approach- This research is an exploratory one, it is designed to explore factors of success; difficulties and challenges Emirati businesswomen face when they start-up their own business in UAE. A questionnaire was designed, which included most factors of success and failure. A total of 100 Emirati female entrepreneurs were and asked to explain the factors that cause their success and the type of challenges they have experienced. Of them, 75 were completed and returned back. Findings: The study found out that there are four factors cause success for female entrepreneurs in UAE. These are: Economic and technological development, Flexible enterprise policies, Good education and Spiritual support. The most crucial one is the spiritual support. On the contrary, the major hurdle, among others, women entrepreneurs’ experiences is that they received support from government institutions; nevertheless, it is below their level of aspiration In addition, the study found out that Emirate male and female entrepreneurs exhibit different entrepreneurs’ traits when running their business. Research limitations/implications- Questionnaires were mainly distributed in Dubai and Ajman Emirates, the opinion of other Emirati women entrepreneurs located in other Emirates needs to be investigated. To give a clear picture, future studies should target business women who are located in other Emirates. Practical implications- The results of this study will help decision and policy makers to provide facilitates for Emirati business women to ensure that they take a crucial role in economic development. Originality/value-This study is contributed to and enhances the knowledge on the key factors to success; and the challenges female entrepreneurs face to start-up and run their own business.

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